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  Planet Mobile
                       1 cardboard circle [ about 1ft. wide ]
                        Lots of very colorful oaktag or construction paper
                       String [ Yarn works well ]
                        pencils,crayons,markers or pastel
                        A compass

                First draw two straight lines across the top and middle of the cardboard to find the middle of the cardboard.   This will be the sun .  Next use your compass of tracers to draw  lines representing the revolution of each planet . Then put the dots in the following order starting from the sun and label them : Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune.  Now take the tip of your scissors, a large nail,or a hole puncher to punch a hole on each dot or circle.  Be careful not to cut off the labels for your future planets.  First punch the sun before punching any other planets. After that cut circles for each planet .  Remember to match with how the planet looks .  Next punch a hole into the top of each individual planet.  Now tie a string to each one.  Take the untied end of each string and carefully tape each end of the string to the circle or dot that matches the correct planet.  Tape four strings spread out on the top of the cardboard.  Tie all four strings together at the top middle of the circle.  Now you have your own planet mobile to hang anywhere you want too.