Where is Pluto?

pluto on pluto
Where is Pluto ?  Pluto is no longer a planet because scientists just found out that Pluto was not big enough .  Some scientists believe that it had once been one of Neptune's moons.   It is no longer a planet because scientists found out that Pluto fails the third rule to be a planet.  People think many different things happened to it such as it got hit by a meteorite and tons of other stories about it, but it simply did not fit the third rule to qualify it as a planet.  
                                 DO NOT WORRY PLUTO IS STILL THERE!!!!!



JUNO to Jupiter

    JUNO is a spacecraft scheduled to launch August 2011 which will explore the origin and evolution of the planet Jupiter.  It will arrive back to Earth in July 2016 after the long five year cruise orbiting the planet 32 times. They are planning to find out what temperature the atmosphere is,  how much water there is , and how much magnetic force there is. 

                                                WISH THEM LUCK!